Our facilities are equipped to manufacture IV fluids in two types of packaging options:

1. Glass bottles
2. Plastic bottles

Each production type consists of two filling lines. Keeping quality at the forefront, we take utmost care to ensure that the absolute sterilization temperature of 121 degrees Celsius is reached and that the F0 value of minimum 8 is also attained. This has enabled us to consistently produce polypropylene polymer packaging of the highest quality.

Our production department runs in total compliance with the Quality Control and Quality Assurance department. With one eye on manual errors, we’ve adopted automation at almost every level across different verticals. The filling department, for example, employs revolutionary fully-automated machines that eliminate the possibility of contamination at the manufacturing stage.

Water, being essential to quality assurance, is treated with the highest precision. Utilizing sophisticated systems the water quality is controlled throughout the production process, preventing water stagnation and eliminating dead legs. We also make use of a distribution loop to control the velocity of water.

The production area design applies a uniflow system to prevent cross-contamination while streamlining processes. The entire manufacturing processes are performed under controlled environments and monitored vigorously by the Microbiology Department. Further, each and every system and equipment is validated regularly at predefined frequencies.